The Time Suck


You guys, we made our first Gift Guide! Whether your recipient is a badass business woman, a sad bearded man, or Tyrion Lannister, we're here for you.

Speaking of beards and sadness, apparently you can festively decorate facial hair now.

"Bunker-style rooftop capsule" sounds vaguely terrifying/apocalyptic, but it's actually quite cool.

BLØW faves Odesza and Bonobo were nominated for 2018 Grammy Awards, so that's what we're listening to at work today (current jam: Kerala).

We've already predicted the oddest fashion item for 2018 (see LW's Time Suck), but let's look back at 2017’s contestants.

Does your neck need a nap? Try this.

You already know this, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention England’s most eligible ginger bachelor has been taken off the market by an awesome American lady. Once again, we turn to Elle’s R. Eric Thomas for (the best) coverage.