Subway-Themed Condoms


Back in the day, bars in the city would put out free condoms with the letters “NYC” made out of the subway font. And this makes sense, because riding the subway is much like drink-fueled sexual encounters in New York: At the end, you’re in need of a shower and left thinking, “That could have gone better.” However, a friend of GØLDMINE who went to NYU pointed out that these condoms didn’t take the subway theme far enough. She wants to see condoms branded with individual subway lines and taglines that correspond to their specific performance. For example:

C Train: Rarely comes.
J Train: Fantastic but unreliable.
G Train: Not long enough.

After all, how many times have you scurried in late to work because of signal problems or debris in the track or a sick passenger and thought, “The train really f*$#ed me today.”