The Credit Card That Cares


Credit cards are pretty judgy. You go on one shopping spree and they freeze your card immediately and call you 7 times to tell you it’s been compromised because only an insane criminal would buy 5 pairs of shoes at once. So then you feel extra bad because they’re basically telling you have no better impulse control than a thief. And you don’t want to feel extra bad, because if your engaging in retail therapy you probably feel bad already. Or you didn’t start out feeling bad at all—you just really wanted 5 pairs of shoes—but now you do. This cycle has got to stop. So, let’s say a breakup or a work meltdown or even a case of the Mondays fuels the purchase of 10 scented candles and an $150 piece of rose quartz from There would be no harsh alert stating that someone, probably a criminal but maybe you, is shopping irresponsibly and therefore your card is shut down. Instead, you will get a text from the Care Card Company that simple asks how you’re doing. “Hey man,” it will say. “What’s up? You feeling OK?”