Grammable Animals


Does anyone past the age of 10 regularly buy animal crackers? We’re not being sarcastic—we honestly don’t know, and we can’t find a breakdown of animal cracker consumption by age. But  we do know how to tailor them to the post-Elementary School set. Make them highly Instagrammable. These crackers would be in the shape of only trending animals and creatures. There will be a unicorn, a llama, a flamingo, a doggo (we’d make it a corgi), a cat … but not just any cat. A cat sitting like a human. You might be thinking, “Wouldn’t it be hard to render some of these in small cracker form?” Don’t worry, the bar is low. The real difficulty would be ensuring the product accurately reflects the latest Internet animal trends (who knows—today’s flamingo could be tomorrow’s narwhal), so we’d need a really solid Animal Futures department. But it’d be worth it—think of the Insta-worthy tabletop tableaux you could create with these guys.